Get Ready

*Image Credit: Felipe 95C*

Get Ready

Van Storck’s new production, “Get Ready,” has influences from Deep and Tech House music. A striking mix of vocals, melodies, and a lot of groove that brings balance to the track being a “wild card” for commercial or conceptual sets. Enjoy without moderation and stay tuned. Van Storck promises a new track per month until the end of this year!! Are you ready?!


Nova produção de Van Storck, “Get Ready”, tem influências do Deep e Tech House. Uma mistura marcante de vocais, melodias e muito groove que traz equilíbrio à track, sendo um “coringa” para sets comerciais ou conceituais. Aprecie sem moderação e fique ligado, Van Storck promete uma track nova por mês, até o fim desse ano!! Are you ready?!

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