VAN STORCK returns to Brazil after three years living in Los Angeles, California.

In 2015, the DJ completed eight years on the road. After going through long & incredible experiences accumulating performances throughout the most importa1nt clubs in Brazil, being part of line ups of great festivals, and sharing the stage with many big artists in the electronic music scene, she’d decided to “get out of the box.”

Leaving Brazil in search of new experiences, new environment, new scenes, this time not only for another tour, but to learn more about music (music theory / keyboard / music production), a new language, visit technology festivals, and be part of the dance floor (now as part of the audience).

Van Storck has visited clubs in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, to watch her idols… And, despite picking up different things during this period of time, she has not stopped playing, including some major gigs in clubs in Los Angeles (Avalon Hollywood, Exchange LA), and Las Vegas (at CES Festival with ShadeCraft); as well as in various events (private and corporate parties).

Her sabbatical period was great and it came to an end on March 2018! She’s then returned to Brazil, ready to resume the role that gives her most happiness, that of “conducting the dance floor,” as DJ of House Music and its strands.

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