Hey network, hope all of you will be closing this year well, healthy, and happy! As Always, I wish everyone has a marvelous Christmas and blissful new years eve!! I wanted to share with you my last release of the year, and I promise you will love it. It has once again the beautiful Claudia … Continue reading AND, IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!


Keep It Down Hey guys!!! New track coming up tomorrow!! “Keep It Down (Original Mix)”I hope you like it and please listen with no moderation!! +++ Hey galera!! Música nova lançando amanhã!! Espero que gostem e por favor, escutem sem moderação!!


Give Me Something Give Me Something is the new “collab” between singer and songwriter Claudia Albuquerque and Van Storck, launching together for the third time!Once again they come with pure House Music, contagious, “up-beat,” and super catchy vocals!With a lot of hidden melodies, Van Storck delivers her seventh track this year, “Give Me Something,” and … Continue reading GIVE ME SOMETHING

No divã com a Van & sua Van filosofia

Eu sempre gostei de contar histórias, porque não contar a minha?! Esse é o primeiro, estou aprendendo essa coisa toda de edição, espero que gostem!! Essa foi a primeira música que toquei com o Paul aquela noite: Carry Me Away

Essa é a minha primeira track lançada: FATE

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On the divan with Van & Van's philosophy

I've always enjoyed telling stories, why not tell mine?! This is the first one, I'm learning this whole editing thing, I hope you like it !! This was the first song I played with Paul that night: Carry Me Away

This is my first track released: FATE

Stream “FATE” everywhere

Now you can stream it everywhere!!! Check the link below!! And, thank you for listening and giving me your support. 😀

Agora você pode touvir "FATE" em todo lugar!!! Confira no link abaixo! E obrigado por me ouvir e me dar seu apoio. 😀

“FATE” my new single release today!! Hope Y’All enjoy it!

Hoje é dia de realizar mais um sonho! E com grande alegria apresento à vocês, meus amigos, meu primeiro single!! Foi difícil chegar aqui, exatamente como deveria ser e sou muito grata por isso!! E é de House Music que estamos falando, lógico!! Espero que gostem e aguardo feedback de cada um de vocês, obrigada!!!
Agora é só aumentar bem o volume e apertar o PLAY, porque essa track é FREE DOWNLOAD! MAKTUB!

Today is the day to accomplish another dream! And with great joy I present to you, my friends, my first single!! It was difficult to get here, exactly as it should be and I'm very grateful for it!! And, it's House Music we're talking about, of course!! I hope you enjoy, and a feedback from each one of you is more than welcome, thank you!!! Now, just pump up the volume and press PLAY, because this track is FREE DOWNLOAD! MAKTUB!

My Latest Mixed Set

Did you guys have a chance to listen to my latest mixed Set? How do you like it? Check it out on SoundCloud (link below) 📷🎧💀 #mixset #dj #djset #djlife #deephouse #techhouse #housemusic #partytime #nightlife #pioneer #ableton #music 

My Latest Release

Did you guys have a chance to listen to my latest mixed Set? How do you like it? Check it out on SoundCloud (link below) 📷🎧💀 #mixset #dj #djset #djlife #deephouse #techhouse #housemusic #partytime #nightlife #pioneer #ableton #music